About RC Mania


For decades, RC'ing has been divided into two very different and completely separate worlds. In one, there are those that you buy at Toys R Us, Radio Shack, or the toy section at Wal Mart, and the kids who have endless fun with them. In the other, there are the expensive, high-performance "hobby-level" RC machines for which there are regional, national, and even international competitions, and the skilled and sometimes frighteningly knowledgeable hobbyists who build, modify, and drive or fly them. People in the toy RC world often don't even know of the existence of the elite hobby class, while those in the hobby-level RC world look down upon toy RCs as cheap and primitive, seeing their owners as not worthy of being treated as true RC'ers.

Bridging the Gap

RC Mania, founded in late 2006 as a spin-off from Ultimate RC, makes the first solid attempt on the Internet to bring together the two opposing worlds of RC. Simply put, we're bringing the full force of years of professional-level RC experience to the popular, traditional toy RC world. Our hard-working team of RC maniacs tests and rates RC's from all manufacturers based on their performance, looks, ease of use, and age-appropriateness. You don't have to just trust what we say, though -- with nearly every vehicle & craft we test, we give you a video so you can see for yourself how well or how poorly an RC performs.

Nothing but the Truth

RC Mania reviews are conducted independently, by real RC'ers. Our opinions are not for sale, for any price. If we find something wrong with a product, we let you know, whether the manufacturer wants it to be heard or not. We do not write disguised advertisements or product promotions. If RC Mania recommends a product to the public, we'd recommend it to our family and closest friends and their families.

Something for Everyone

Whether you're a kid (or adult!) looking to see if an RC you want is really worth it, or a parent, friend or other relative trying to find the ideal birthday or holiday gift for a real RC maniac, we're here for you. Our job is to get the vehicles, cars, trucks, boats, planes, helicopters, and others, put them through their paces and report what we learn so that you can make fully informed purchase decisions.